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Birgit Dieker - DURA MATER

The Stadtgalerie presented the first solo exhibition by Birgit Dieker. 

Exhibition November 30, 2012–February 3, 2013

Greetings: Ulrich Commerçon, Minister of Education and Culture of the Saarland
Greetings: Charlotte Britz, Mayor of Saarbrücken          
Introduction: Dr. Andrea Jahn, Director of the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken

Concurrent Exhibitions: Pablo Wendel "Performance Elecrics"


Brain made of fabric

Hirnschnitte, Edition 25/25, 2012, Kleidung, Stecknadel, 29 x 29 x 3 cm, Privatsammlung Berlin, Foto Jürgen Baumann

The figures and objects of Birgit Dieker (b. 1966 in Gescher/Westfalen) are not made of the traditional materials of sculpture. They are of fabric, worn-out clothing, in which human emotions, physical and emotional states are inscribed. They are fragmented figures or organs, which she assembles from materials, layers, and cuts; their relationship to the body plays a crucial role: foundation garments, discarded clothing, hair, and leather. The Berlin-based artist develops her sculptures by sewing them together and layering them before defamiliarizing and fragmenting them with cuts and openings. Not only does the artist leave out parts of the body, but she truly breaks up her body in order to get to the bottom of her “identity.” The handicaps and psychological abysses are revealed beneath the aesthetic, perfect surface, getting under the skin in the truest sense of that phrase.

A catalog is being published to accompany the exhibition: Birgit Dieker, DERMA (112 pages).